Initial Consultation

A representative of Southern Kitchens will meet with you to determine what kind of space you wish to create together and gather information about your needs, wants, style, and budget.


A representative of Southern Kitchens will come to your home to measure your space.

Design Creation

We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail when we design. This process usually takes around two weeks to complete. 

Design Presentation

You and your designer will meet at the Southern Kitchens showroom to review the design created. At this time Southern Kitchens will also present an estimate for your project.


If you like the design and wish to continue working with Southern Kitchens, we will require a 10% retainer to continue working on your project.


Your designer will adjust the design to fit your specific requests. The length of process varies from project to project.

Final Design Approval/Contract

At the time you approve the final design of your project, Southern Kitchens will require a 50% down payment on your order.


The time from Final Design Approval to the Delivery of your cabinetry can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on the design specifications and manufacturer of each individual project. Southern Kitchens will coordinate with our delivery team and your contractor/installer.


We will be available to you and your installer to help guide the project during this installation process.

Completion of Project